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Meet Our Team

Llama Squad and Owners



Llama Squad - Founding Member #1

Graycee is a 7 year old female Llama with Dark Brown Eyes and a lovable face. Graycee is a sniffer but will never bite! She loves hugs, kisses and ALL the attention that her owner, Brenda gives her! She will let you hug her, give her kisses & apple treats, and even lay by her side when she sits down.



Llama Squad - Founding Member #2

Zoe was a 12 year old female Llama with Dark Brown Eyes and a continuous smile. Zoe was also a Registered Therapy Llama and loved apple treats. Sadly Zoe passed away in May of 2021 but her Llama Love and Llama Spirit is still with the Llama Squad as an Original Founding Member of the Llama Squad.



Llama Squad - 3rd Member

Halcyon joined our Llama Squad in June of 2021. Halcyon means, "Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful." 


Halcyon is a 4 year old male Llama with Dark Brown eyes and the softest fiber around. He has proved himself well in his first year at 4H competitions, especially in the Obstacle Course, and has placed 4th in the Open category at the IRL Llama Competition. He's a loveable, snuggable llama who is sure to "win" your hearts!"

Callisto w Regie Hat for Web Site.jpg

Callisto - AKA Moonshine

Llama Squad - 4th Member

Callisto joined our Llama Squad in June of 2022. Callisto means, "Jupiter's second largest moon." 


Callisto is a 3 year old male Llama with curly, suri fiber that is naturally curly all year round! (Everyone would "kill" for those natural curls.) Callisto is becoming a great asset to the Llama Squad and his natural curly fiber is always draw and an education opportunity during any event. He's a Lloveable guy who is sure to win over your heart!

Coca the Devil Alpaca.jpg

Kuka Mama "Coca"

Llama Squad - Newest Member

Coca, named after Kuka Mama-the Peruvian Goddess of Health and Joy, is an alpaca who joined the Llama Squad in 2023. 

She is a great addition to the squad and enables us to show the differences between llamas and alpacas. She was chosen for her calm personality and ability to be a future Alpaca Mama. She has a fluffy coat that you can't resist and you just want to put your hands on! We look forward to bringing her to upcoming events in 2024.



Owner and Llama Llover

Brenda is a "farmer without a farm" and has always loved animals. She lives at home in Chaska, MN, with husband Russ, (2) kids, Kirsten and Ryan, (2) cats, (2) guinea pigs, (2) chickens, (1) dog and fosters cats in her spare time.

Brenda's love for Llamas is infectious and she loves to get Llama Kisses from her Llama Squad. Brenda is active in the 4H Llama Project as a Llama educator. Brenda also leads the Carver County 4-H Therapy Animal Project.



Llama Wrangler

Kirsten began the Llama journey when she started working with the Llamas as a Cloverbud in 2nd Grade. She has shown and competed in the Carver County Fair and the State Fair Level for 10 years. At the County Fair, her top honors are Grand Champion in Obstacle (1st Place) and Reserve Champion in Showmanship (2nd Place). At the Minnesota State Fair, Kirsten has received Blue Ribbons in Showmanship, Obstacle and Costume. Kirsten's true love is working with Zoe as a Therapy Llama.

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