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Llama Mama MN getting a LLama Kiss from Graycee

About Llama Mama MN

Brenda Zachrison, Owner and Llama Enthusiast, fell in love with Llamas in 2012 when her kids joined 4H as a kindergartner and a second grader. Brenda is actively involved in the Carver County 4H Llama Program as an educational leader of the 4H Llama Project. She also leads the 4H Therapy Animal Project where kids and animals work throughout the year towards testing and becoming certified Therapy animals. Brenda's Llama Squad members, Zoe and Halcyon, are (2) of only (10) Therapy registered Llamas in the state of Minnesota.

In 2019, Brenda purchased her original Llama Squad, Graycee and Zoe, and was determined to spread Llama Llove throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding area. Since then, Brenda has added (2) more Llamas, Halycon and Callisto, and (1) Alpaca, Coca, to the Llama Squad. As her LLama (and Alpaca) Squad grows, Brenda has multiple options in bringing these Lloveable animals to your event - sharing a wealth of education about these Llamazing animals.


In addition to bringing Llamas and Alpacas to your events, Brenda collaborated with Michelle Darsow in 2018 to create a Llama Yoga Series, Yoga with Llamas, which is held during the summer months, June thru September, at Carlson's Llovable Llama farm in Waconia, MN. During this unique experience, the Llamas (and Baby Crias) will freely roam the pasture while you are led thru a mix between Hatha (holding poses) and Vinyasa (flowing breath and body together). All levels are welcome in class-Minimum age requirement is 8 yrs old. This Yoga experience is about connecting your mind, spirit, nature and the beauty of these animals! It's truly a unique experience!

Collaborating with her other Llama Mamas, the Llama Squad can be increased to any size herd, up to 10 Llamas, to accommodate your party needs - the opportunities are endless!


If you want something unique, unusual and unforgettable - contact me!

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